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fame and infamy in Second Life…

Jumpy’s Back!

Jump Lane

The King Of Second Life

Jumpman Lane


Just like Frank White!

Second Life Criminal Rating

Maxed Out:

K I N G O F S E C O N D L I F E !

Jumpy did it all on his own
Turned a chair into a throne!

“…and my coronation was PUBLIC!”

-Jumpman Lane


Virt Icon

Pornography in Second Life has been derided in the past as Pixel Porn. Fashion has been dismissed as a hobby, even as its greatest model (SL’s first true supermodel) raked in vast sums of money-UNITED. STATES. DOLLARS-throughout her long career.

Bashing pornstars and shaming fashionistas, whatever their true or imagined failings might be, is easy sport. It is the knee-jerk response of those without ambition, content to spit bile while wallowing in their own complacency. When all you wish to do is chat and shop and club-hop, speaking ill of someone seeking SOMETHING, ANYTHING more is easy.

Slut Magazine always ASPIRED. Jumpman Lane, vain as he was, CELEBRATED those who scratched and clawed their way, over a mound of mediocrities, to reach The Top. This was true in the past. It’s even MORE true in the present, as JUMPY IS BACK. With Virt Icon, we aspire, we plan to celebrate the pinnacle of Second Life society, not just porn, not just fashion. We’re going to let the Grid Icons of Second Life glitter shine and glow, Fullbright in Windlight, for all the people to MARVEL and see.


porn for ya asses!

Lady Dawson

Slut Magazine Is Dead!

Sad but true…

Man, Jumpy COULD resurrect this thing one more time. It’d be the 9th or the 10th time. To Hell with it, we’d just say it was the 13th, just to be evil. Yet, Jumpy got something bigger in mind. We’ve always tried to fight the good fight against all the numerous (unnamed) enemies the Slut Mag Faithful managed to amass. However, in better times, we tried to shine a spotlight on really cool people doing really cool things. This iteration of the magazine will be Jumpy being more positive, instead of running the mag as Jumpman Lane’s Revenge Machine. With a change of outlook comes a change in name. Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine is dead…

As for porn, I mean how many naked bodies does anybody really want to see. I unno. Yet, spending years hanging around porn-stars and such, I’ve always found them interesting as people, when we weren’t hopping around on pose balls. (Though that WAS fun, don’t get THAT twisted). The STARS amongst them will absolutely continue to find a place to shine in ANY Jumpman Lane publication! Watch and see!


The Dawson Residence + by Juro Kothari

Virt Icon HQ

Well, we changing things up, new name, new everything! However the headquarters of Virt Icon will be the same old place we always ran things from: The Iconic Dawson Residence by Juro Kothari, the real life and Second Life architect.

Started for Lady Dawson in 2005 and completed in 2006, Kothari’s masterpiece served as Slut Mag HQ from 2010 (through all the many deaths and resurrections of the mag) until now. NOW, it will serve us once again!

The Dawson Residence built by the greatest architect in the history of SL, Juro Kothari for the grand diva of the grid Lady Dawson. (If Second Life has royalty, she is our queen. We are all noobs beside her!)

Our Declaration of Principles

Slut Mag Declaration of Principles

When I founded Slut Magazine, I sat down and came up with two principles that would guide me and later on my staff in the publication of our periodical. The first thing we declared was that…well…we were porn and that we were not going to apologize for that. Over time, we all came to realize there was more to Second Life that bodies humping on sex pose balls. In Slut Mag’s original declaration, we spoke of beauty. We always presented our version of porn as tastefully and beautifully as porn could be made. Beauty is one of the principles we will retain. Yet, we’re done with porn-been there done that.

Now Second Life is filled with drama, scandals, copy-botting cheat thieves, all kinds of crooks. In one way or another, the very dregs of Second Life have always sought to violate your rights as people, as avatars. Slut Magazine swore to be a tireless, fighting champion for the rights of residents in Second Life. For example, we exposed how Briggi Bard (the ACTUAL creator of the sex bed in Second life) was bamboozled out of her share of the profits from that great achievement. Though it took years, Slut Mag BURIED the clown who did that. To that end, Jump Lane and anybody associated with him will continue to fight your rights, settle your scores, and keep the record straight. Below, please find our new Declaration of Principles.

No Concessions

We still ain’t bowing down to nobody! By we I mean ME, the Board of Editors running Virt Icon, and anybody associated with us. We’re gonna do what we want to do, how we want to do it. This much we pledge.

You STILL Got a Fighting Champ

Further, Jumpman Lane and the staff of Virtual Icon, pledge to remain tireless, fighting champions for your rights as avatars and residents of Second Life.

Beauty…our Metier

Beauty remains Jumpman Lane’s metier. So, beauty will be Virtual Icon’s purview. We will shine a bright spotlight on all the beauty we can find in our virtual world and present it to YOU, our dearest of dear readers. We promise!

Fame…Fame and Infamy

Notoriety. The notable, in action and deed, whether good or ill will be covered, PLASTERED in the pages of our online magazine. Jumpy don’t judge, Slut Mag never judged, Virt Icon won’t judge. We pledge objectivity. Hold us to it. So, if ya out there truly living a virtual life; and, if what you are doing is worthy of note, you can’t hide from us! We’re gonna find ya! Square business.

Virt Icon…our ezine for the PEOPLE. So all the coolest avis on the grid can glitter and glow, and generally give off light, fullbright in Windlight!

What Folks have Said about One Jump Lane

Jumpman Lane, Publisher Virtual Icon Magazine

Saveme Oh

“Some people want to f@ck around all day and also pretend to make a glossy magazine with interesting items and articles. A big example of a cockroach of this kind is Jumpman Lane.”

Prokofy Neva

“In the case of Jumpman Lane, he should not have been allowed back. I’m puzzled why he was, in fact.”

“He conitinues to grief, harass, bully, intimidate, inworld and out, sending obscene material, threatening, harassing, and keeping up this fake ghetto-blaster patter. I’ve AR’d him multiple times.”

Ryker Beck

“He’s Frolic Mills, with Henry the VIII’s ego. “

Virtual Icon Magazine Cover Girl

Virt Icon Cover Girl: Candace Flossberg

Ms. Can Flo, former Slut Magazine Editor-in-Chief and 2 times Slut Mag Cover Girl becomes Jumpman Lane’s Virtual Icon Magazine’s FIRST cover girl. Check out her new pictorial! Slut Magazine used to have a saying: “NUDE ya silly humps!” Nowadays it’s CLOTHED…somehow it’s even sexier. ENJOY!

“Jumpy’s baby-sitter is BACK!”

OUR Jennnnna!

In striking contrast is the tale of Jennnnna Jameson, the most famous pornstar of them all…

Cover Girl Pictorial: September 2020

Virt Icon Cover Girl: Candace Flossberg Former Slut Magazine Editor-In-Chief and two time Slut Magazine Cover Girl, Candace Flossberg becomes Virtual Icon Magazine’s premiere Virt Icon Cover Girl. Somebody has to be the first! Miss Can Flo started off as Co-Editor-in-Chief with her bestie Kriztyne Ballinger (Kriz Ballin). These two gals de-noobified Jumpy back when…

Our Old Covers

Though Slut Magazine is indeed dead. Dead things have a way of NOT going away. Particularly, they don’t go away if we choose to remeber them. Slut Mag Cover Girl’s most certainly deserve their day in the sun. Here are some of our old favorites, including some new mock-ups over the years. Slut Mag and…