Cover Girl Pictorial: September 2020

Virt Icon Cover Girl: Candace Flossberg

Former Slut Magazine Editor-In-Chief and two time Slut Magazine Cover Girl, Candace Flossberg becomes Virtual Icon Magazine’s premiere Virt Icon Cover Girl. Somebody has to be the first! Miss Can Flo started off as Co-Editor-in-Chief with her bestie Kriztyne Ballinger (Kriz Ballin). These two gals de-noobified Jumpy back when Jumpy didn’t even know what a SKIN was.

Later, Candace’s day-today duties devolved into being “Jumpy’s babysitter,” and EVERYBODY knows he needed one. Well Jumpy is back! Canneh’s back too! Hopefully, nobody will threaten to sue Jumpy this time (like when Can Flo ran things). Here’s hoping! In the meantime, here’s Miss Can Flo! Enjoy!

[10:15] Candace Flossberg: (Saved Fri Mar 12 00:27:52 2010) [21:21] Stroker Serpentine: (Saved Thu Mar 11 20:28:19 2010) I regret that your associations have put you in a position of liability. I am giving you a heads up to an impending legal action. I do not believe you to be a vindictive person, however you are listed as “Editrix” of Jumpman brought this upon you, so please consider the source.
[10:15] Candace Flossberg: (Saved Fri Mar 12 00:27:55 2010) whats that about?
[10:16] Jumpman Lane: i think we gonna get sued gal

-Slut Magazine 2010

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