Carducci’s Sticky Green

When I was de-noobified in 2007, oh so many years ago, on the front steps of The Dawson Residence by Lady Dawson (Class of 2003) her damn self. The first thing she taught me was that Second Life was a WORLD. By that she meant it was a PEOPLED place. It was filled with people, DOING things, making things, running thier mouths. Those things, said and done, become the HISTORY of our virtual world. For now, It IS a world. It didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, Second Life was a flat sim or two with nothing but some very weird looking wierdies building things. Everything, in SL was made by someone.

By 2007, Second Life-the height of what was known as the Bling Tard Era. The coolest man in all of Second Life was NOT Jumpman Lane (though you couldn’t have convinced THAT fool of THAT back then hehehehehehehe). The actual coolest avi to log in day-in and day-out back then was a little midget by the name of Lil Carducci. Now, this fool made guns (Carducci Guns) and for back then, they probably WERE the best guns on the grid. If ya got hit by a projectile from one of his lil guns…oh, you went flying, high up in the sky, orbited across a sim or two lol. Carducci Guns hit HARD.

Jumpman Lane smoking that sticky!

Built on that simple reputation of POWER, Lil Carducci built a brand that OOZZED cool. “Carducci Powered,”the title you got for buying his weapons and joining his group was COVETED. It was the ONLY store group title I EVER wore with ANYTHING that resembled pride. Jumpy wasn’t the only one.
Now Carducci had two full sims: one was a store and camping site, the other was a HUGE club, where the fool threw a non-stop, days long party that never seemed to end. You log out one day. Log in the next, HE was still there and the party was still going on.

Carducci POWERED!

Carducci himself was known NOT to speak to anyone but the folks that worked for him. This was due to EVERYONE wanting to talk to the fool. He was hounded so in local chat and IMs that he couldn’t help but be unresponsive. Plus, that fool played Second Life PERMA. HIGH. AS. HELL. All he really could do most days was set his avi dancing and pass out. It only added to his cool.

Lil Carducci

Jumpy still smokes Carducci’s Sticky Green..

Jumpman Lane deep in reflection…

The essence of said cool, ultimately was the fact that Lil Carducci was rich. Not, Anshe Chung rich, but rich enough to toss a few L$ around, hire a staff of people to limit his contact with “regular folk,”and buy anything he wanted in the game. He was rich (and successful in the gun trade) enough to know EXACTLY who he was, a “Man of Power,” and THAT was his title…and…again, he was just HIGH enough to be oblivious enough, to come off as snooty, and be DAMN genuine about it.

Well, one fine day Linden Lab messed up the billing on Lil Carducci’s two sims. In a marijuana fueled tantrum, the fool abandoned his land and that was the end of the Carducci Empire. By then his holdings included a bank, a motorcycle business, some other crap, and his centerpiece gun business. VANISHED!.Poof! GONE! Folks seemed lost. His staff was inundated with queries that they had few answers to. Something wondrous went out of our virtual world that day. It hasn’t been replaced.

Still smoking Carducci’s Sticky Green. Puff puff pass!

Gone as he his, Carducci is not forgotten. His group still has a lot of people in it…for the Carducci Powered tag no doubt (that’s why Jumpy still in it). Few, who were ever in the presence of that fool could forget him. Ain’t been too many people in Second Life THAT cool FOR REAL. Torley Linden MAY have been as popular (and Torley is ANOTHER discussion we must have, oh sweet Virt Icon Readers). I mean Torley was cool; but, not THAT cool lol. One must make reverence to cool like that, cause most of the folks you encounter in SL are wierdies who are decidedly UNCOOL. Period. LoL To that end, and to this DAY, Jumpy still smokes Carducci’s Sticky Green (some crap blunt Lil Carducci included as a free gift with every purchase lol). Why you may ask? As personal tribute to Lil Carducci (cause HE WAS COOL), and as a reminder that so many ARE NOT…

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