OUR Jennnnna!

I made a new friend recently, Pearl Sextoy, a little dynamo on the Official Second Life Forums. I invited her around to the house and bored her silly with some old Second Life drama and history. I mentioned in passing that the real life Jenna Jameson once was in SL. Pearl went back to the forums and wanted to know the WHOLE story. Well…the whole story of Jenna Jameson in Second Life is long and boring. It is a tale of just-missed opportunity and wasted time and wasted money.

When thinking of Jenna Jameson’s foray into SL with Club Jenna, her real life brand, her NAME, her MARKS, one can not fully understand her failure in our little virtual world without counterpointing her against that OTHER Jenna, namely Jennnnna Jameson.

Pearl Sextoy (bagnu.resident)

The real life Jenna Jameson is a household name. She is quite possibly, the most famous porn star in the world. Her real life fame carried measurable cachet when she entered Second Life. Club Jenna comprised SIX full sims linked together. It was beautifully made at the time and represented a REAL and SERIOUS outlay of money-UNITED STATES DOLLARS. It sat empty. A company called Mountainmeister LLC built and managed the place for the meat-space Jenna. They ran it as best they could. Further, they were paid quite well to do it. The reason it all failed was because the draw, the ONLY draw, Jenna Jameson herself, was absent.

The avatar named Jenna Jameson, need not have been played by the real world Jenna. However, it wasn’t played at all. Folks could rent her alt JennaJameson Littleboots and cyber sex it silly for a neat sum. Yet, Jenna Jameson, the avatar, never graced anyone with it’s presence after a few staged in-world press releases. In them, Jenna promised much…then disappeared. Namely, she was going to create an army of Sluts and “take over sex in Second Life.” Well…that didn’t happen.

inspired by Pearl Sextoy (bagnu.resident)

In striking contrast is the tale of Jennnnna Jameson, the most famous porn star of them all…IN SECOND LIFE. OUR Jennnnna. When I met Jennnnna she was just a girl with a bunch of n’s in her name. Having failed to get the RL Jenna on the cover of my magazine, I decided to put Jennnnnna on our cover with the blurb “OUR Jennnnna is Better Than YOUR Jenna.” I didn’t have a clue. I remember sitting with Jennnnna in my hot tub after her photo-shoot, just talking. I remember encouraging her to blog, to write. I told her of the power of words in our virtual world. She didn’t say much, mostly listened. Hell I encourage EVERYONE who WILL listen to blog about something, ANYTHING. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t have a clue. I had no idea, no conception of the sheer AMBITION, talent, and DRIVE of the girl sitting in my hot tub that day.

The full story of the Life of Jennnnna Jameson would take a BOOK. We’ve taken a crack at some of the highlights of her career in the past. The story of her, forced to change her name from Jennnnnna to Emmanuelle Jameson and then from Emmanuelle to theemmanuellejameson rates an article in and of itself. In short, Jennnnna’s greatness revolves around this signal, SINGLE achievement: before Jennnnna Jameson there was no porn INDUSTRY in Second Life. Sure, people made porn. Hell, I made porn. Yet there were no porn STARS. Jennnnna made a blog and Jennnnna made a group. The rest is history. By picking a role in her group, be it “director,” “actor,” etc an INDUSTRY was born. Simple as that. OUR Jennnnna created an ARMY. I call her Jennnnna to this day out of respect for the rise out of obscurity of that “girl with a bunch of n’s in her name” to the HEIGHT of fame in our virtual world. OUR Jennnnna was always better than THEIR Jenna because OUR Jennnnnna LIVED a Second Life.

“Thanks Pearlie Girl for being you, and all you do in the Second Life Forums. Your inquisitive mind inspired this, yet another paean to Jennnnna Jameson’s greatness.”

-Jumpman Lane

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